Essay Synopsis

The Star Trek Versus Lost In Space Debate. A short article.
Go Forward, Star Trek, Not Backward. My advice to the powers-that-be of Star Trek.
The Hatchling. A fanciful analogy of my genuine belief regarding humanityís future.
Captainís Table Errors. The travesty that reveals why would-be writers are frustrated and bitter.
Teaching Fiasco. By far the worst of many absurdities in twenty-two years of teaching.
The Fight For Social Security Disability. The ironic, impossible demands for proof, and how I overcame them.
The Attack Of The Rabillions. An amusing bit of fluff.

Commentary Subsites

Good Fences Make For Better Neighbors. Entry to the frustrating, freaking, but ultimately fantastic fence-fight sub-subsite.

Let's Communicate
Dealing with todayís pervasive communications breakdowns.

Let's Use Uncommon Sense
Scientific-religious-political essays.
Let's Have Fun. Light-hearted essays on a variety of topics.


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