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Story Synopsis

My Tribute To Cardassians. A video tribute to Cardassians (by ME!)
Of The Highest Order. A novella-length saga in which a vengeful Dukat forces Garak to torture his friend Bashir.
Of The Highest Order, AU2. Garak shares Dukat's disdain for Bashir.
Of The Highest Order, AU3. A sympathetic Garak gets to prepare Bashir beforehand.
Wrongs Darker Still. Kira's attempt to learn the truth about her mother and Dukat fails, with devastating results.
Wrongs Deeper. Kira learns the truth about her mother and Dukat, but is stuck in the past, with surprising results.
Wrongs Righted. Kira prevents her mother's affair with Dukat, but at what cost?
A Colder, Crueler Reality. What if Section 31 had successfully eradicated the Founders?
A Different Kind Of Relaunch. My version of After DS9.
A Different Kind Of Relaunch, Part 2 Dukat, Garak, and Damar greatly expand their influence in the Alpha Quadrant.
A Different Kind Of Relaunch, Part 3 Dukat, Garak, and Damar complete their consolidation of control over the entire Alpha Quadrant.
During His Exile. How a Maquis-fiasco-exiled Dukat might have influenced the episodes Crossover, The Tribunal, and Second Skin.
Displaced Personnel. Garak, Dukat, and Damar catch Jake Sisko aboard a Maquis ship.
Enemy Thine. Garak, Dukat, Damar, Bashir, and O'Brien are stranded together on an uninhabited planet.
After The Tribunal. A universe in which there are further reprisals against O'Brien by the Cardassians.
 Above And Beyond.  A human woman is taken prisoner by the most famous and infamous Cardassians.

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