Lost In   



Story Synopsis

My Tribute To Lost In Space. A Video of Lost In Space set to a love song (by ME!)
Times Change. A Star Trek - Lost In Space crossover novel.
Smith's Moment Of Truth. A sensitive story about Smith's feelings regarding his occasional bullying by John and Don.
Poetic Justice. What if the episode "The Deadly Games of Gamma Six" had gone radically differently?
His Just Desserts. How would an adult Will Robinson react to Smith's shenanigans?
Subtle Differences. How could Smith learn to perceive John and Don slightly differently from each other?
Home Sweet Home. Smith would like nothing more than a return to Earth... or would he?
Birthday Gifts. My only PG-13 foray for LIS: reader be warned! Smith fantasizes about John and Don, and gets more than he planned.
The Star Trek Versus 
Lost In Space Debate.
A short article.
Caught In His Own Trap 
Smith outsmarts himself, based on the episode, “Wild Adventure.”
Foolish Error 
A short, short story based on the episode, “Forbidden World.”


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