Furry angels came our way
But some had far too short a stay

Giggle was the first to leave
All we could do was mourn and grieve

Jason was the next to go
I cried and cried; I loved him so

Wendy's turn came to depart
And like the first she broke my heart

Sweet Emily was the fourth to fail
It was so sad; she got so frail

Jeremy's time then next was done
Nearly a year after his brother Jason

Pipkin was the sixth one gone
She did not live to see the dawn

Tiffany was next to break my heart
Her death tore my world apart

Amy was eighth to leave our sight
She left us in the dark of night

Brinsley was the ninth one lost
Tickle and Pixie shared the cost

Tickle’s legs slowly went away
Without them he just couldn’t stay

Jaime took her final bow
The last angora was gone now

Pixie was the next that fled
It wrenched my heart to see him dead

Abbie left in an endless scream
Her death the worst kind of bad dream

Taffy's love seemed set to remain
Such a pity her dear life couldn't do the same

Bethany was such a shining light
That vanished far too suddenly from our sight

Nickie was to Chris so dear
He'd give so much if she were still here

Persephone slowly drifted away
A heart attack? We couldn't say

There's been such pain; it's been so hard
Seventeen tiny graves in our backyard

Who is next; I don't want to know
A pet's loss is too harsh a blow

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