Typical humor in the home of SFers.

I was conversing with my hubby, Chris, and making reference to the well-known fact that the reason for our olfactory sense's tendency to be so evocative of intense memories is because it is couched in our reptilian brain.

Employing his ever-sharp sense of humor, he jested, "What about our rabillion brain?" (It was only natural for him to refer to rabbits, as we have twelve of them living here with us).

Barely keeping giggles in check, I patiently reminded him, "We don't have rabillion brains, Dear. Only our little darlings downstairs do."

He ignored me and warmed to his topic. "Hordes of rabillions..."

"Billions of rabillions," I semi-echoed dutifully.

He went on ignoring me; he was on a roll. "...From the Rabillion Empire, attacking the Federation, firing photon torpoopiepedoes...."

I joined in, "...Multiplying infinitely faster than any humans, Vulcans, Cardassians...."

He continued without pause, "...Shooting phaser peenons, a caustic substance able to eat away the hull of any starship...."

"...The hull of any gul...or at least his ship...."

"...Herbivorifying the entire quadrant...."

"...Able to kill by simply smothering us under their rab - billions...."

Ah yes, it's fun in the household of SF fans.

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