A long time ago - my first memories
I was in a cage, with two like me
These humans came by, and they took us away
They gave us a home, with toys and water and food and love
They held us and they played with us, and loved us so much
We shared our lives - together in life
They cleaned our messes without a fuss
And we each had the others, all three as one
Together in life
Yet the years happened, faster than for you
One of us left, so quick death took him,
he was gone in a minute. Leaving us two, side by side still
Together in life
My brother's legs stopped working for him
He hurt and he struggled and I held him the best that I could
Our doctor had to give grace, for he could not move
Alone. I am so alone. The home that held us in joy is now just a cage
I look for them each day, yet remain so alone. I am ten years old
My legs, my body, they are failing me now. I am ten years old
These are my last days. I hurt and I am so alone
Yet I know that when I breathe my last breaths, my brothers will be beside me,
my trip will not be alone. Together in life, together in death
I will not be alone.
by Chris

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