The Yearling
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Story Synopsis

Revisiting The Yearling. My sequel to The Yearling, spanning long before Jody Baxter was born, to when he became a grandfather. A novel.
Instead Of The Fire. What if the Forresters had not burned down the Huttos’ house?
Picnic. What if Jody Baxter were called upon to reunite his friends Oliver Hutto and the Forresters?
Yearling Spoof. This is meant in sincere love. Yearling fans: please be amused, not offended!        Rated PG-13
Fodder-wing’s Dilemma Fodder-wing tries desperately to grow up and become a man.
Fodder-wing’s Ordeal Fodder-wing bluffs his brothers and gets more than he can handle.
A Visit In The Night Jody carries out his plan to sneak to see Fodder-wing in the middle of the night.
Risky Visits Jody and Oliver take dangerous chances.
The Object Of The Quarrel Who should adopt an orphaned Jody?
Ultimate Tragedy What if the Forresters had caught Jody and Oliver at the Glen?
Unanticipated Rescue What if Buck and Mill-wheel alone had caught Oliver?
Unexpected Resolution How could a near-disaster bring a happier ending?
Travel Coincidence What if Jody and Fodder-wing had gone along to Jacksonville?
Fateful Pursuit Oliver pursues the arsonist Forresters.
Desperate Hope Jody begs the Forresters to save Flag.

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