The Yearling
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Story Synopsis

A Harsher Year Of The Yearling Things could always be worse: and they are.
Awkwardness Things could always improve: and they do.
An Endangered Friendship Oliver has maintained a friendship with just one Forrester.
Barely In Time Heroic Jody rescues Oliver from the Forresters.
Christmas Crisis What if Oliver and Twink had entered the doin's, instead of a stranger?
Close Call The Forresters intimidate Oliver's girl cousin at the doin's.
Collateral Damage The Huttos weren't the only ones hurt by the fire.
Desensitization The Forresters try to toughen-up Jody.
Fundamental Differences The Forresters are disgusted by Jody's cowardice.
Miscommunication Right after the fight, Jody encounters Arch, Pack, and Gabby.
Miscommunication Version Two Right after the fight, Oliver meets Arch, Pack, and Gabby.
Mutual Embarrassment Buck and Mill-wheel eavesdrop on Penny, and hear too much.
Mutual Misery Delirious Penny murmurs things Buck didn't want to hear.
Reverberations The Forresters take pity on traumatized Jody.
Seek And Hide The Forresters catch Jody in a lie to save Oliver from them.
The Gentle Influence How might Fodder-wing affect the events at Christmas?
Think Fast Too much improvising spoils the coverup.
Turnabout Would the Forresters ever rescue Oliver?
Unlikely Reality How to drag Jody back from Boston.
Unmasked Oliver has an unnerving but poignant moment.
Vengeance Delayed Penny's in trouble with the Forresters again, and doesn't even know it.
Without The Stranger Events at Christmas if the stranger hadn't revealed Oliver's return.

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